Sunday, January 13, 2013

Shortened bench

Charlotte leads 44-40, 11:40 in second half.

Only seven different 49ers have seen time on the court so far: the starting five (Ny, Jai, Hillary, Slim and Jenn) plus Ayanna Holmes, who is traditionally the first one off the bench, and the freshman Kira Gordon, who came in to give Jenn and Amanda a bit of a breather during the first half.

Charlotte wasn't afraid to use a little more of its bench during the non-conference schedule, but considering the team has had a week since its last game (a win over Colgate), head coach Cara Consuegra is letting her stars shine.  That and really there isn't much proven talent on the bench to turn to.  Gabby Tyler is still injured.  Jessica Johnson is progressing on her road back from a knee injury but has only seen garbage-time minutes this year.  The rest of the bench includes seldom-used sophomore Olivia Rankin, and then three freshmen Tori Carter, Alexis Alexander and Shequana Harris.  Alexis may get in if Jenn and Amanda get into problematic foul trouble, but other than the 49ers are relying heavily on their starters in this one.

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