Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fordham has picked up the physicality to open the second half.  While still trailing (40-38, 14:27), the Rams are bumped in the post with Jenn Hailey, just picked up an offensive foul (2 PF) after trying to wrangler her arm free.  While there have been some questionable calls and non-calls, that is not going to decide this game for Charlotte.  And if the 49ers let those calls decide this game, then they are clearly lagging in other areas.

Charlotte hit 5 of its first 6 shots in the second half, and while Fordham hasn't been as efficient, they are getting more shots.  It's a numbers game (just ask Kobe Bryant).  The more shots you can put up, the more chances you have to score, and that's how Fordham has kept the score close within the first five minutes of the half.

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