Sunday, January 13, 2013

Forney firing up

Senior guard Jai Forney has started strong with eight points for Charlotte (3-5 FG, 2-2 FT).  While the 49ers are down 18-17, 7:49 in the first half, if she can continue to be an offensive option -- something has been an up-and-down proposition through non-conference play -- Charlotte should win this game.

The odd thing is, when Forney scores in double figures (it's happened seven times in 14 games this year), the 49ers are 4-3.  Of course three of those games has been when Charlotte has faced arguably it's three toughest opponents this season.  She has 14 in the loss to Kansas State, 12 in the loss at home to Florida State and 14 down in Atlanta against Toledo.

Part of that might be the senior knowing she has to step up against tougher opponents, but it also might be the team leaning more on her before there just aren't *that* many other options against tougher competition. Jai isn't afraid of a bigger opponent and will fight after the loose balls.   If she becomes that 4th scoring option (after Jenn, Amanda and Hillary), Charlotte should roll.

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