Monday, December 13, 2004

Homeward Bound ... almost

I am one final exam away from my winter break. Just two hours of testing separates me from friends, family, skiing, relaxation and - oh by the way - a trip to Miami to watch USC in the Orange Bowl. Three weeks of freedom are only a day away.

But what about that final?

This two-hour, two-essay assessment will no doubt determine my final grade in a class I truly despise. So why am I not worried? I am taking this class credit/no credit, which means my final grade must be a C- or better to receive credit for the course. With a B average going into the final, I don't anticipate any problem in passing the final and the course.

After that test, it's goodbye LA, hello winter break. I'm heading straight to LAX.

There's just something about the comforts of home that you just can't find while at school. Perhaps it's the fact that I won't be responsible for my laundry for those three weeks (meaning my white shirts won't get stained from the random colored piece of clothing that sneaks into the wrong washer). Maybe it's because I don't have to worry about school until January 10. Or probably it's because I have my family, dozens of friends and a girlfriend back home.

Yeah, I think that's the reason.

It's always weird returning home from college. My room is clean for a change (thanks, Mom), my family is actually happy to see me. After only minutes in my house it will be as if I never left. I'll be right back in my element: arguing with my brother for the car, fighting with my sister for the remote control, playing ping-pong with my dad and eating a homecooked meal prepared by my mom (who, after 18 years of me disliking her cooking, doesn't seem all that bad now that I am forced to make my own dinner).

All I know is I can't wait. T minus 23 hours and 50 minutes until that exam. After that, I'm homeward bound.

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