Sunday, December 05, 2004

Steamed veggies

For some reason, I have this ego that tells me that I can accomplish virtually anything. I think it's mainly because of the little victories I'm constantly celebrating. Tonight I enjoyed another one of those victories: making dinner.

Having to cook for myself is not easy. While I am fully capable of ordering over the phone and paying the delivery guy, I can only handle so much pizza and chinese food. Living in the dorms last year was easy; I walked down to EVK (the cafeteria), swiped my USCard to pay for the meal, and piled as much as I could on my plate. This year, living in an apartment with no cafeteria to speak of, I find myself "cooking."

Now usually this "cooking" consists of putting chicken, burgers, steak or quesadillas on a George Foreman grill and that's it. Side dishes consist of chips or raw baby carrots. Nothing 'fancy' by male college student standards.

Tonight I decided to take things up a notice. I did some things in the kitchen I had only seen while watching my mom cook dinner while I sat in timeout (thanks, mom). In preparing dinner, I:
  1. Marinated steak with Teriyaki sauce
  2. Steamed vegetables
  3. Left chocolate out of the meal

First, I put the uncooked meat in a plastic bag, poured some marinade in there and shook it up. I threw that on the Foreman and got to work on the veggies. I filled a pot with carrots and broccoli, put some water in it, put it on a lit stove and steamed my side dish.

When I ate that meal, it may not have tasted perfect, but it was as close as I've come doing it myself. It was good. It was a good meal. And I made it.

Who knows, maybe tomorrow I'll make breakfast (putting cream cheese on a bagel and mixing cereal and milk).

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