Friday, December 10, 2004

Nothing like No. 1

I found out that my brother will hear from CalTech - his top choice for college - the day after I get back home. That should be fun for him. The brother he hates returns followed by an envelop with news he says he doesn't want. While he thinks he'll get differed, I hope not.

He wants to be at CalTech. He wants to come to school out here in California. Plus, it is his first choice of schools. As someone who got into his first choice, I realized that getting in to your #1 can make all the difference. When you're happy were you are, doing what you're doing, you can accomplish great things. It's a lot better than being left wondering "What if I had gotten in?"

As much as I would like to have Matt at USC, he'd still be close enough to hang out with but far enough away to give us both the space that competitive brothers so desperately need. I hope he gets in though. Lord knows he deserves it. He's smart as hell.

CalTech is where he wants to go, and they'd be lucky to have him.

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