Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hawaii 5-0: Five Cowboys to Pro Bowl

The 2009 Pro Bowl rosters are out, and the Cowboys had a drop off from last year's 11 selections (which ballooned to a record 13 with injuries).

The five Cowboys heading to Hawaii are tight end Jason Witten, center Andre Gurode, guard Leonard Davis, nose tackle Jay Ratliff, and outside linebacker and NFL sack leader DeMarcus Ware. Davis was the only Cowboys non-starter named to the NFC squad. While we can look into all the details of how great a season guys like Jason Witten, Jay Ratliff and DeMarcus Ware are having - and we will, I'm more shocked by the omission of quarterback Tony Romo to a third straight Pro Bowl.

It's unreal that Romo was left off the roster. The three NFC QBs will be Kurt Warner (Cardinals), Drew Brees (Saints) and Eli Manning (Giants). Kurt Warner is having a great year. No denying that. He's made the Cardinals a winner. Um... damn!

I know Brees is putting up nice numbers (okay, great numbers), but Romo is winning games. Not winning games like a caretaker QB who babysits a mediocre offense while the defense carries the club. Romo has made big plays for the Cowboys all season long. The Cowboys are 8-3 with Romo under center with all three losses coming by 7 points or less (2 vs. WAS, 6 @ ARZ, 7 @ PIT). Does that make any sense to anyone?

Last year, not only did Romo make the Pro Bowl, but he dragged half the offense with him to Honolulu - and if you don't believe me, go back and check the three games Romo missed this season and see just how pedestrian Terrell Owens, Marion Barber, Flozell Adams and the rest of the offense looked.

Eli Manning to the Pro Bowl? Isn't this more of a "congratulations on the Super Bowl" selection more than anything? Eh, okay, I guess he's won some games this year. But he has looked rather ordinary in recent weeks without Plaxico Burress.

Romo got shafted on this.


MK said...

After throwing punches all night, the Ravens landed two knockdowns with time winding down in the final round.

Witten deserves more. His picture is officially in the dictionary now for the word "warrior".

So that Ray Lewis guy is pretty intense. I wouldn't be surprised if he is involved in a shooting or something someday.

Colonel Kurtz said it best, "The horror, the horror".

Anonymous said...

does romo still deserve a pro bowl selection?

Josh said...


Anonymous said...


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