Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's either Avery or continuity; not both

The Sean Avery drama continues. And after hearing the most recent comments from head coach Dave Tippett, I've got to believe that the organization is going to do something, anything to delay or deter or prevent his return to the locker room.

Not sure what options the club really has. Anyone willing to trade for him? And what would you really get back? Does the club just cut their losses, lots and lots of financial losses? Or do they try to suck it up and play with a guy who clearly has a lot to do to gain back the trust of his teammates.

Dave Tippett's comments on Sean Avery:

"As far as him coming back, rejoining the team, I think we'll have to wait and see what Mr. Bettman says, our ownership and management. From a coach's standpoint, I try to build a team that has an atmosphere where players care about each other and play for each other and play with continuity. And I find it hard to believe that Sean can come back in that dressing room, and we can find that continuity again. That's up in the air. That's my own personal feeling on it."

The coach just said that the team can't gel together with Sean Avery in the mix. The fact that Avery is a strong personality and a loud clubhouse presence isn't horrible, but when the team's captain Brenden Morrow isn't there every day - he just had his surgery - anarchy can overtake the locker room. And with Avery, it will. That's why Tippett is so concerned.

The team showed a lot of resolve the day of the comments and suspension, pulling together for a win in Calgary. But the fallout doesn't seem to be letting up. The game against the Flames looked like perhaps this team would be, could be better off without Avery. It'd be a much nicer argument had the Stars beaten the Oilers tonight.

One day after the Stars earned their longest winning streak since February (two games), Dallas slipped against the Edmonton Oilers, 5-2.

Not two minutes into the game, Marty Turco allowed the first Edmonton goal from just a few feet inside the blue line. Yikes. Once again, Marty Turco struggled. The defenders *cough* Matt Niskanen *cough* gave up costly turnovers in their own zone leading to a couple of Oilers goals. Mike Modano proved to be the one constant, putting two third period shots in net to pull Dallas within a goal late in the game. But another ugly Stars turnover led to the clinching empty netter. Typical 2008-09 Stars? It seems that way.

Getting rid of Dave Tippett isn't the answer. Trading Marty Turco isn't the answer. And you can't bench him because frankly he's so far and away the best goalie on this roster it ain't even funny. No one watching this team can seriously consider Tobias Stephane is a reasonable alternative. If the Stars are going to turn it around, it will have to be with Turco in net. Otherwise, it just won't happen.

And as for Avery, we'll see how long this suspension will last after his Thursday morning meeting with commission Bettman.

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