Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sean Avery, sloppy seconds, and suspensions

Stars troublemaking free agent signing Sean Avery decided to run his mouth this morning in Calgary, earning him an indefinite suspension until he meets with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

Perfect. Because the Stars need this now.

With all the head-ache-causing athletes in Dallas, Sean Avery just leapfrogged the entire list. Move over, TO, Pacman, Padilla, Josh Howard…

Why does he just have to open his friggen mouth? Just shut up and play hockey!!! Your team is in last place, and frankly I don’t care who your ex-girlfriend is or who she’s sleeping with. I’d love to know why you can’t put a puck in a net.

Moron. Absolute moron.

Here's the video...

By the way, the best comment I've heard on this subject is from Dallas Morning News blogger Tim MacMahon...
"I won't go into what "sloppy seconds" means, but it's not a hockey term."


Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

i believe your argument about Sean Taylor's ring of fame appointment continues to be as ridiculous as Sean Avery's comments. How does his appointment which the fans, players, and retired players all ine with, trivialize the honor. Does John Riggins, Art Monk, or Darrel Green now recieve less honor from their induction? Will anyone even think of Sean Taylor when they think of the other inductees?

In Philly when Jerome Brown was killed (in tragic, but more self-inflicted, of a setting) he only played 76 games (~5 seasons) had 29.5 sacks. His number was retired and made the Eagles "ring of fame.

In Chicago Brian Piccole HAD HIS NUMBER RETIRED. His career stats? 5 td in 51 games. Think Butkus', Sayers', or Payton's legacy are impacted in anyway?

All of these men meant something to their team and their lives were cut short before their stats showed their importance on the field. Each team has a right to honor their members especially if they find that their impact AS A WHOLE was enough to warrant an honor in their history as these three men's teams have.

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