Tuesday, May 01, 2007

1st round wrap up: Wiz washed out

Much like the Cavs' attitude in their series with the Washington Wizards, let me get this post done with a quickly as possible.

No Joshin' pick: Cavs in 4
Series result: Cavs in 4

This one is simple. For the Wizards, no Gilbert Arenas. No Caron Butler. No problem for LeBron. And no surprise Cleveland swept.

With a healthy roster, this may have been an entertaining series. Instead it turned into a nightmare for D.C. residents. All they can is wait for 2007-2008 and hope their stars are healthy when April rolls around. As for the Cavs, they'll get some well-deserved rest before taking on the winner of the lengthy Nets-Raptors series.

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