Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Things get Nashty

Flagrant 2? A Flagrant 2?

Robert Horry got ejected at the end of Monday's Game 4 between the Suns and Spurs for a hard foul on Steve Nash. He ran him over and leaned his shoulder into him, but I don't know about flagrant 2. Flagrant 1, sure.

Take a look at this foul:

As my friend Andrew pointed out, Nash does deserve an Oscar for the performance he gave after being hit. There's no doubt it was a foul. It was a hard fould. But there's nothing wrong with a good physical game of basketball.

These two teams are not exactly best friends - the Suns continue to accuse the Spurs of dirty play. But the Suns are a team still trying to break through. The Spurs are a team of veterans. Veteran champions, that is. And so no one this series is heating up the way it is. The Suns want what the Spurs have: a ring.

So Amare Stoudemire calls Bruce Bowen a dirty player. The Spurs get angry and Nash gets a hard foul courtesy of Big Shot Bob.

Game 5 is going to be an aggressive contest, to say the least. When Horry gets in the game, look for Marion or Stoudemire or Diaw to throw a few arrant elbows under the basket. And look for more flagrant and technical fouls called.

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daniel vincent john said...

He does deserve an Oscar for all of his flops and antics. What he doesn't deserve is all the praise he gets as he is a great player but not that great. Imagine Kidd with Steve's supporing cast. Marion, Amare, Diaw, Bell, Barbosa, Thomas > Carter, Jefferson, Nachbar, Collins, Moore, Williams.

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