Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mavericks meltdown

There's only one word to describe what happened during the second half: embarrassment.

No Joshin' pick: Mavericks in 5
Series result: Warriors in 6

I'm embarrassed for the Mavericks, and I'm embarrassed as a fan. This loss may be the most humiliating in the history of all Dallas-area sports. This hurts, and I don't know what else to say about it. I don't know if anything short of a championship next year will stop the hurt.

If they fall short, then everyone will look at this now-ended season as "their best chance to win" and remember how they couldn't get out of the first round. If the Mavs never win a title during the Dirk years, everyone will remember this series. This series, when Nellie destroyed and humiliated and crumbled the marble statue of a superstar he built. This could very well have been the end of the Mavericks. I don't know, and I hope it wasn't.

I hope it wasn't.

How do you top a 67-win season? I guess the answer is: add AT LEAST four wins. Ideally 16. But the Mavs couldn't do either. And now they are going to be looked at as the benchmark for professional sports collapses.

MVP for Dirk?

Only if it stands for Most Vanished Player.

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