Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fans gone wild

Just now while watching the Yankees/Rangers game, in the top of the 9th inning, apparently a nutty fan decided to run around on the field. ESPN is broadcasting tonight's game, I really liked how they just handled this situation.

Simply put, they ignored him.

They showed close ups of Yankees and Rangers players and the dugouts. They did as much as they could to deliberately avoid showing the fan who was apparently running around on the field.

Good for ESPN.

By not putting him on TV, he don't glorify this disruptive behavior that not only detracts from the game, but could also endanger players on the field. No one watching at home got to see anyone not in uniform on the field. Sure fans at Yankee Stadium cheered as their fellow New Yorker ran wild in the House that Ruth built, but other than that there was no incident.

And just now, another Yankee fan jumped down from the crowd and onto the field. Once again, ESPN didn't show this guy who was apparently put in handcuffs.

I really appreciate ESPN going out of their way to not encourage this sort of behavior and completely ignoring these idiot fans.

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