Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rocket's Thrust Fund

The following was written in reponse to a blog I read that called Roger Clemens dumb for signing with the Yankees because he won't win a championship with them. To quote that post: "...how dumb is this guy, really? You wanted to play for a World Series contender Roger? The Yankees are going nowhere fast. If he really wanted to win he would have gone to Boston."

If you think Roger Clemens signed with the New York Yankees to win a World Series, you need to wake up and see what's really going on here.

I can't think of any better way to put this, so I'll say what my 17-year-old sister told me when I asked her if she saw Spiderman 3 already.


If you truly think Clemens went to the Yankees for a chance to win a third ring, you're dumber than Andy Reid in a championship two-minute drill. He signed with them for the money. He signed with them because the richest franchise is baseball can afford to pay him more than anyone else.

The Yankees are desperate enough to have to pay so much for him and agree to his prima donna no-travel terms.

The only reason he said during the press conference that he signed with them to win another World Series is because - DUH! - he has to say that!!! He can't come out any say, "Hello, did you not hear how much this deal is worth? That's what I'm wearing pin-stripes, you morons!" It's understood he's there for the cash. If he can deliver a division title or more, hey, even better for Yankees' fans.

But don't think for a second Roger Clemens is really that stupid. If anything, his media savvy shows that he is completely the opposite.

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