Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Cowboys stadium is Super

The NFL will turn its attention to Arlington, Texas the first Sunday of February, 2011. The Super Bowl is coming to North Texas. It took only 45 years and a new billion-dollar retractable-roof stadium, but the DFW area will get to host sports' biggest event.

I love that the game will be so close to home and will no doubt bring in big crowds to the metroplex, but as a native Dallasite, I can't help but cringe at the thought of this game being played in Tarrant County.

If only the Dallas City Counsel had found a way to put this new stadium in Dallas' city limits. If only they hadn't given the American Airlines Center a no-compete clause. If only members of the counsel weren't so focused on their own personal agenda's and not the long-term big-picture when it comes to the success of the city of Dallas.

Arlington will do a fantastic job of hosting the Super Bowl. The new stadium is the perfect venue for the game.

If only that perfect venue were located 30 miles east.

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