Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Red Raiders & Cowboys Dallas-bound?

Just a few weeks after the Cotton Bowl locked up the Red River Shootout, the historic Dallas stadium is about to nab another Big 12 bout.

Texas Tech and Oklahoma State are reportedly nearing a deal to play their annual game in the Cotton Bowl. This big time Big 12 match up would be another huge win for the aging stadium that seemed to be on the verge of ambiguity with the new Cowboys Stadium going up.

If this deal gets done and puts another football game in the middle of the Texas State Fair, football fans across the Big 12 will continue to flock to Dallas in October, providing major revenue to the city.

This game would also help as a recruiting tool for coaches in Lubbock and Stillwater. Dallas-area recruits are some of the best in the Big 12 (*cough* Southlake Carroll *cough*), and a game between these two programs would allow local kids to see these programs in action. Dallasites get an annual taste of the Longhorns and Sooners at the Red River Shootout every second Saturday in October. Why are Texas and OU always at the top of the conference? Because they are getting the exposure in front of the biggest, more talented recruiting base.

Win the recruiting game in DFW, and you win the Big 12. It's that simple. If Texas Tech and Oklahoma State want to get in on the action, then coming to the Cotton Bowl is the perfect solution.

Long live the Cotton Bowl. Here's to the historic stadium avoiding extinction at the expense of Jerry World for as long as possible!

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