Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Kolb to Nabb Donovan's job?

After reading a story about Donovan McNabb's reaction to the Eagles drafting a quarterback with their first pick on espn.com, I got to thinking about why this may not have been a horrible move by the organization. Oh sure, if they want to win now, it' s not great. But then again, can they win now?

Why did the Philadelphia Eagles take Kevin Kolb with their first pick in this April's NFL draft? It does seem strange considering they do have Donovan McNabb - a Pro Bowl caliber QB who when healthy is leading his team deep into the post season.

Oh wait, I just gave away the answer.

"when healthy"

The sad reality in Philly is that McNabb hasn't been able to finish three of his last five regular seasons. He keeps getting hurt. And if he's not getting hurt, he's getting tired (*cough* Super Bowl XXXIX *cough*). Now the face of the franchise is 30, and the franchise faces the grim reality that he won't be around forever.

Sure John Elway ended his career at 38 with back-to-back Super Bowl titles. Let me clarify something really quickly: Elway, McNabb is not.

So McNabb's starting job will be secure this season, especially after backup Jeff Garcia signed with Tampa Bay, look for the new kid on the block to become the new QB in the huddle in the injury-prone McNabb continues his ailing ways.

I still think it was stupid for the Eagles to let Garcia move on. What NFL team wouldn't want a proven starter who just came off the bench to lead a struggling team to a division title and a playoff win? Apparently the team that plays in the Linc. I guess they think McNabb's health isn't an issue.

Or maybe, just maybe, they know because his health is an issue, it's time to start looking down the road to find the guy to take the torch from Donovan.

On a homer-note, as a Dallas Cowboys fan, I loved seeing Philly trade picks with Dallas and then use that 3rd pick in the second round on a QB. Dallas shouldn't have anything to fear from Kolb for at least a couple of seasons.

See the similar reactions that McNabb and Kolb got when the Eagles drafted the two QBs.

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