Thursday, November 18, 2004

Elway couldn't drive this far

...well, maybe if we were in a 2-minute drill he could.

When school ends this may, I get to drive all the way from LA to Dallas. Oh man, 20.5 hours just driving. My ass is going to go numb. It will definitely take me an entire day just to get across the Lone Star State, which I don't mind because at least I'll be in Tejas.

I'm not looking forward to making this 1,500-mile drive in May. Posted by Hello

While driving for 20 hours and 30 minutes from Los Angeles to Dallas, I predict my ass will go numb. Posted by Hello

I only have to make this drive twice a calendar year, though, so I guess it's not that bad. Any other time I go home, I'm flyin'. Plus I'll get to have my car with me during the summer and won't have to rely on my brother to drive me places.

Still, this is one road trip where I wish I had a co-pilot. Maybe I could then get on a 4-hour rotation of driving then sleeping. That'd be nice.

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