Friday, November 19, 2004

TO's apology fine by me

When Philadelphia Eagles' wide receiver Terrell Owens appologized yesterday for his part in this week's Monday Night Football opening skit, he did what everyone else associated with the skit failed to do: accept responsibility.

The Eagles organization said they "...wish it hadn't aired."

ABC has profusely appologized over and over trying to avoid a heafty fine.

TO, on the other hand, said, "Personally I didn't think it would have offended anyone and, if it did, I apologize."

I never thought I'd say this, but TO is the only one making any sense. He knows that the skit was no big deal. His appology is basically, 'If you were offended, you weren't supposed to be. We thought it was in good, clean fun.' There's nothing wrong with that.

TO also went on to say, "I thought it was a fun skit and that was it," Owens said. He knows that at the time, he thought it wasn't a bad idea (plus, no man is going to turn down the chance to stand in front of a naked Nicolette Sheridan).

It's time to let this go. I guarrantee at the start of Monday Night Football next week, Al Michaels will issue an appology before the game regarding this controversy (and calling this a controversy is ridiculous. Yes, it caused controversy, but the fact that this is such a big deal to our society is ridiculous. It was a bare back and an attempt at boosting ratings. Get over it, America).

TO, I still hate you for your celebration on the star on the 50 at Texas Stadium a few years ago. I will never forget seeing George Teague chasing after you once you headed to the star the second time and watching him deck you. But I do have to commend you for your stance on this pre-game skit. You are the only one who has owned up to your part in it.

And Michael Powell, here's what your buddy Walt would say after watching the skit and hearing that immortal question: "Yeah, I'm ready for some football!"

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