Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Ski Deprivation

I've got ski deprivation.

Since 1988, when I was three, I have skied at least one week each year. My family has taken trips to Utah and Colorado to ski at fantastic places such as Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort (the first place I ever skied), Beaver Creek and Vail. Last December, however, after a freak knee injury in a basketball game, doctors told me I would have to stay off my knee for a month. This month happened to include my family's week-long ski trip.

I haven't skied in two years. Usually because of an entire year off from one of my favorite sports (to do, not to watch), my progression of improvement is a 'two-steps-forward-one-step-backwards' sort of thing. This year, however, who knows how many steps back I've taken. I know my knee will be okay, but I just want to be able to ski the difficult terrain that makes a trip to the mountains worth while.

Mountain High is just one of the powder kegs I hope to visit this ski season. Posted by Hello

When I return to LA after the winter break, I'll be ready. This season's skiing won't stop after the family vacation to Park City, Utah. I'm bringing my skis back to SoCal. Because I now have a car, I can take day-trips or weekend get-a-ways to Snow Valley, Mountain High, Mammoth Mountain and Mt. Baldy. Don't think I won't, either. Ideally I can find others to go with me, but if not, I'll have no problem hitting the slopes alone.

It's too good to miss, especially after two years off.

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james d said...

I never was a fan of skiing, but I do love Colorado in general.

I've got a bum knee as well, but luckily my sport of choice (riding) can be done without putting too much strain on it.

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