Saturday, November 20, 2004

FedEx follies

With the recent notification of my computer's repair, I've eagerly awaited its return. I received an email from Sony's repair center with a FedEx tracking number and confirmation that the repair center had sent my computer back to me.

I checked the FedEx website early this morning to see when my computer would be back.

The website said my computer had been delivered from the repair to a 'local FedEx location' near me. I decided to drive over to that FedEx and pick up the package rather than wait for FedEx to deliver it to me Monday afternoon. Who's got time for that? After all, I have waited more than two weeks.

When I got there, I was told that even though the package was there, I could not pick it up because they hadn't sorted the "Monday packages" and therefore didn't know where in that FedEx location it was.

Uhh, what?

It's there. I gave you the tracking number. Get it!

Well, I was instructed to wait for the computer to be delivered to me. I couldn't get it early. It looks like I have to wait yet another couple of days before I get it back. Fantastic.

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