Saturday, November 20, 2004

Incorrect Seinfeld Trivia Quiz

While reading online about the release of the Seinfeld DVD on November 23, I discovered a link to multiple Seinfeld trivia quizzes. Being a pretty big Seinfeld fan, I took all of them and did considerably well on each.

One quiz I took, however, had two questions I have a problem with. (Take the quiz - Click NBC Trivia: Super Seinfeld Quiz, Part II)

My first complaint is with Question #2: What happens when George walks into Steinbrenner's office and insults "The Boss"?

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When George gets the bright idea to do the opposite of every urge he ever gets, leading to his job with the Yankees, he is not in Steinbrenner's office when he insults him. George was in the process of being interviewed when Steinbrenner walked by the office. The interviewer got up, grabbed Steinbrenner and introduced him to George in the hallway outside of the interviewers office.

When I first read this question, I was confused because there are numerous occasions after "The Boss" hires Costanza where George insults Steinbrenner in his office. This incident, however, was not one of those times.


Secondly, there is a major flaw in the answer to the ninth question: Why is Elaine blacklisted by her Chinese food delivery restaurant?

The answer choices on this multiple choice quiz are:
-She doesn't tip well
-They got her naughty Christmas card
-Kramer charged an unpaid bill in her name
-Her new boyfriend is a Communist

The quiz says the answer is that her new boyfriend is a Communist. While in this episode, Elaine does date a card-carrying Commie, that is not the reason she is blacklisted at Hop Sings, the Chinese restaurant.

At the beginning of the episode, a delivery guy (Lew) comes to Elaine's door. The following conversation (taken from that episode's script) ensues:

ELAINE: No, no This is all wrong. Where's the Chicken Cashew?
LEW: You no order Chicken Cashew.
ELAINE: I didn't order any of this. I'm not paying for this.
LEW: Fine Benes. We are putting you on our list.
ELAINE: What list?
LEW: The "do not deliver" list.

That is how Elaine gets blacklisted at Hop Sing's. Not only that, she later gets her Communist boyfriend Ned blacklisted as well.

ELAINE: I'm going to order Chinese Food.
NED: You're ordering from Hop Sing's, right?
ELAINE: Ugh, does it have to be Hop Sing's. I kind of had a fight with him.
NED: Elaine, when my father was black listed he couldn't work for years. He and his friends used to sit at Hop Sing's every day figuring out how to survive.
ELAINE: You're father was blacklisted?
NED: Yes he was, and you know why? Because he was betrayed by people he trusted. They "named names".
ELAINE: Okay, okay. (phones) Um, yeah, hi, I'd like delivery please to 16 West 75th St. apartment 2G.
LEW: I know that address. You're Benes, right. You're on our list. No more delivery.
ELAINE: No. no, she doesn't live here anymore. This is someone else.
LEW: Oh, yeah. What's the name?
ELAINE: Why do you need the name? You already have the address.
LEW: We need a name. Give us a name.
ELAINE: Okay, okay, Ned Isakoff.

When the delivery guy shows up, Ned gets put on "the list" too.

LEW: Ah, I knew it was you! You tried to trick Hop Sing! You are onour list; Elaine Benes! And now you are on our list; Ned Isakoff.
Ned: You got me blacklisted from Hop Sing's?
LEW: She named name!

I was very disappointed in these two questions on this particular Seinfeld trivia quiz. As a Seinfeld fan, I can now rest easy knowing that I have corrected this injustice.

Good night.

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