Monday, November 29, 2004

Poor jean-etic material

For some reason that I still don't understand, my girlfriend Alice could not stand my jeans. I have a couple pairs of regular old blue jeans. I never thought anything of it. I didn't wear them for style, because I wouldn't know if they were "good" or "bad" jeans. I wore them because I needed to wear pants on cold days.

Alice decided enough was enough.

With virtually every store in America having a sale this past weekend, she took me to the mall to get some new jeans. I did need new jeans, but I thought it was because the jeans I had were worn out and torn up. I didn't know that it was because my jeans "were ugly" according to my girlfriend.

I don't know the different between these new ones I have and the old pairs now burried in the back of my closet, but as long as I needed new jeans, I didn't see a problem in getting some that my girlfriend liked for me (because I sure as shit don't know what looks good on me).

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