Friday, March 18, 2005


When I got online and checked my bracket, I couldn't believe my eyes. Who is Bucknell? I didn't even remember seeing them when I filled out the bracket. That's because I was too busy moving Kansas into the final four (or at least the elite eight)!!!

I filled out five brackets, each with a few upsets thrown in the mix. None of those upsets were a first-round Kansas loss to some school whose name I didn't bother even reading while filling out the bracket. I looked them over as if they were a 16 seed.

You know how you never even look who the 16 seed is. You just take the number one seed and put them through to the second round. Granted, a 16 has never beating a 1, and 14 seeds have taken down 3's, but Kansas was the preseason No. 1. Where the HELL did Bucknell come from?

I can't believe this. I don't even wanna watch the rest of the tourney after that. A second round loss by Kansas...I wouldn't have liked it, but I'd understand. I'd get over it. But a first-round exit to a team that no one except perhaps the most die-hard Bucknell fans picked, how was anyone supposed to see that coming.

I'm not complaining because they single-handedly ruined my bracket (I have plenty of other teams to thank for that), but I'm a KU fan as well. What a rough year for the Jayhawks. At leat, what a rough ending.

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