Monday, March 14, 2005

Matt's analogy

It's things like this that reassure me that CalTech will be the perfect environment for Matthew:

I was talking to Matthew about him continuing to play club volleyball among other things, and Mattew came out with this analogy. I almost died laughing.
Matt: i guess the best analogy i can make (btw i suck at these)..
Josh: go for it
Matt: is like my laptop.. i got it 5 years ago and it was and still is awesome.. i love using it and i use it over any other better computer in the house...
Josh: but...?
Matt: but, its lost some of its luster.... and its time to move on.
Josh: lol!!!!!!
Josh: you're classic. you'll fit in great at CalTech!
Matt: (told u i was bad at this)

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