Saturday, March 12, 2005

Leno unleashed

When the judge in the Michael Jackson case lifted the gag order on Tonight Show host Jay Leno, I made sure to catch the monologue... and it was hilarious.

For anyone who missed it, Leno did an entire monologue full of Michael Jackson jokes. The whole thing. All of it. Ten minutes of Jacko-jokes.

The show started with a depressed Jay Leno talking to his stage director about the gag order, but when the stage director tells Jay about the gag order being lifted he breaks into a moonwalk and dances down the hall to the set.

While I think I'm going to miss the guest comedians (such as Dennis Miller, Carrot Top and Drew Carey) who told the Michael Jackson jokes for the past few shows while Leno was under the gag order, it's nice to have the Big Chin center stage once again.

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