Wednesday, March 23, 2005


It just seems recently that there is too much to do. Too much work. We just got back from spring break and already I am swamped. Maybe that's because I didn't do any work over the break.

This weekend I am going to Las Vegas for a volleyball tournament that I most likely will not play in (and even if I did play, that wouldn't take away from all the work I still have looming over my head). Instead I'll be sitting on the bench (which I still don't understand, but whatever) worrying about all the work I have.

Within the next week, I have a 5-essay midterm, marketing project, broadcast journalism story, and two papers I have to turn in. How the crap do I let it all pile up like this?

I guess I'll somehow manage. I hope I will. But until I get through all that, I'm just going to be working myself stupid.

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