Monday, January 10, 2005

Dumb News

Here are some of the stories of the day that I found particularly interesting because they were - for lack of a better word - stupid. These stories are about stupid people or ideas.

First, this gem from

You've gotta read this. Posted by Hello

The principal at a California high school cancelled the rest of the school year's dances after students failed to stop freak dancing at other school-sanctioned dances. I couldn't believe this story when I first read it. Wow.

Personally, I don't think that freak dancing is such a big deal at the high school level. Had this been a junior high, then perhaps the principal's dance-cancelling would seem more reasonable. It's still a funny story.


Next, a Mississippi library banned Daily Show host Jon Stewart's "America (The Book)" citing nude depictions of Supreme Court Justices. Something tells me that the "nude depictions" aren't the only thing keeping this book out of the library.

Posted by Hello

Jon Stewart is a strong liberal, and he has never tried to keep this a secret. Mississippi isn't exactly a moderate state. In fact, I'm pretty sure that Stewart's political views are keeping his book out of this library. Granted, I haven't seen the depictions, so maybe I'm out of line here, but I'm sure there are worse things in books in that library.


Finally, a story I found on about a woman who got hit in the face with a hockey puck at Madison Square Garden three years ago.

OUCH! Posted by Hello

A judge is allowing a woman hit by a puck to sue the New York arena. She can now proceed with an $11 million lawsuit. The puck broke her nose in three places and caused other severe facial injuries.

Here's my problem with this lawsuit and why I don't think she will (or want her to) win this case now that it's going to trial. Anyone who has ever been to an NHL hockey game (back when they still played) has had a ticket to get into that sporting event. On the back of all hockey tickets for any arena that hosts an NHL team is a warning. This warning says that pucks flying into the stands can cause serious injury or death. Anyone in attendance is warned on the back of their ticket about the possibility of injury.

While I'd be pissed if I got hit in the face with a puck, I'd know that I couldn't sue because the warning is on the back of the ticket. The fact that a judge is letting this case go forward pisses me off. Stupid lady. I'm not saying it's her fault for getting hit by the puck, but she shouldn't be allowed to sue.

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