Friday, January 14, 2005

My response to a comment asking why I cared about Prince Harry dressing up as a Nazi

Wednesday I posted a blog entry about Prince Harry dressing up as a Nazi. I said I thought it was a stupid act. (READ THAT POST) In response to my post, I received the following comment:

anonymous said...
you only say that because:
a) you don't know him
b) your jewish
c) you are so interested in the private lives of in your words is "third in line for the position of England's figurehead monarch"

So my question is why do you care?
Also: don't use race or ethnicity as a shield; for a journalist(even a sports journalist) its unbecomming and prejudiced.
4:29 PM

In response to the above anonymous comment:

You ask the question why do I care. You answered your own question when you said I was Jewish. Why would me being offended by Prince Harry's actions be related to anything other than my religion?

You say "Also: don't use race or ethnicity as a shield" but that is really the only reason to be upset with this. The guy dressed up as a Nazi. If you cannot understand why that would offend a Jewish person, then you are just as bad as Prince Harry. In this situation, race and ethnicity are not shields. They are reasons! I'm Jewish. What should my reaction to this be, if not outrage?

Also, you say that I'm being prejudiced and unbecoming (which, by the way, has only one 'm'). By definition unbecoming means "not appropriate, attractive or flattering" according to How are the actions of Prince Harry not unbecoming either? My feelings about his actions are reactionary. I had no problem with this guy until he dressed up as a Nazi.

There is a reason that his father Prince Charles has ordered him to visit Auschwitz. There is a reason that Jews around the world are outraged. What I fail to see is your reasoning as to why I am not allowed to be upset about it.

All people have some degree of personal bias. As a result of my own personal biases, I dislike on those who choose to dress up as Nazis. Harry did. If I wasn't offended and I didn't express a prejudice of dislike anti-Semitic references, then what would that say about my own convictions and my own beliefs?

Don't ask why I care. You said it yourself: I'm Jewish. It's a big deal to me. I don't need to get into the whole history of why Jews don't exactly smile when they see a swastika or hear someone mention Hitler's name.

Figure it out. He dressed up as a Nazi. I'm Jewish. I didn't like it. I wrote about it on my blog. Any more questions?

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