Friday, January 07, 2005

Listerine lied!

It was hard not to laugh when I read this.
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A judge ordered Listerine to stop running ads saying the mouthwash was just as effective as flossing at fighting gum and tooth decay. Duh! Yes, I've seen these commercials, with the swooshing mouthwash, and NO I didn't buy it - not the product, but the slogan.

If I want something to do the job of flossing, I'll use floss. If I want something to rinse my mouth out while adding minty-freshness then I'll grab the Listerine.

Here's a helpful hint for the American public:

C'mon now. Flossing takes all of 60 seconds. Add another five seconds for using mouthwash. That's only a minute and five seconds extra in addition to brushing. Not that hard to do, I must say.

Still, it was hard for me not to laugh when I saw the headline on that read Judge: Listerine not same as flossing.

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