Thursday, January 27, 2005

Why bother

After yesterday's terrible train crash in Glendale, there is speculation about the man responsible for the tragedy eventually facing the death penalty. So far 11 people have been pronounced dead as a result of this commuter train wreck, and the man who parked his train on the tracks, Juan Manuel Alvarez, is facing 11 counts of murder.

Here's the part I don't understand:

This guy is allegedly solely responsible for this wreck. He parked his car on the tracks but backed out of the suicide attempt moments before the train hit. Eleven people are dead and more than 180 injured thanks to him.

The LA County DA has charged him with 11 counts of murder, yet there has been no decision on whether to pursue the death penalty.

What do you have to do for them to not have to speculate on pursuing the death penalty? Start a jihad? Genocide? What does it take? This guy is responsible for eleven deaths. In his own failed, half-assed suicide attempt, he managed to keep himself alive and kill 11 others. Eleven innocent people. And here in California they are "considering" the death penalty!!!



Juan Manuel Alvarez should be executed. If California doesn't wanna do it, then by all means send his ass to Huntsville, TX. He doesn't deserve to live. He deserves a needle in the arm. I woke up yesterday morning, turned on the television and saw overturned train cars and bloodied bodies on Costco carts being wheeled away. This is the fault of Alvarez.

The part that really disturbs me is that most likely, if and when he is convicted, he won't be executed. While the judge may decide the death penalty is necessary, there is no way he will actually be executed. California has the most inmates on death row in the country yet is 18th in executions carried out. I don't like the idea of this guy escaping his executing because California is too sensitive to actually execute those people it sentences to death.

Stick a needle in his arm. Put in on the chair. Line him up in front of a firing squad, for all I care, but kill him. He has earned his execution and should not be allowed to die in prison. Cut this man's life short - it's apparently what he planned on doing yesterday morning, before the train got to him.


Jeff said...

Amen, to all of the above. I haven't posted on my blog in quite a long time, but this incident riled me up enough to make another post.

Thank God they are at least gonna try and book him for murder, and not "manslaughter."

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