Tuesday, January 11, 2005

SoCal smarts

The weather here in Southern California has been less than pleasant recently. It's been cold, rainy and gray. Not your typical Los Angeles weather.

This morning, Brad pointed out that while we might think it's cold here in LA, people in Alaska lost power when a storm dropped temperatures to -60*F. MINUS 60!!! That's insanely cold. Not to mention how cold it would be without the power of heating.

But as bad as the cold weather in Alaska, the next words out of Brad's mouth were much, much more disturbing.

"That's double freezing!" he said.

I thought, "Yeah...what?" What did that mean, "double freezing"? I didn't understand it. So I asked him what he meant by that. "It's double freezing," he reiterated. "Minus 60. Freezing is minus 30."


So as it turns out, my diminuative friend from Orange County believed freezing was -30*F.

"Try 32*F!" I told him. But it was Brad who made the most profound statement of the morning:

"I'm from Southern California. Why would I know what temperature freezing is?"

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