Sunday, January 16, 2005

Fun in the sun ...and on skis

Today I went skiing at Snow Summit up at Big Bear Lake. It was awesome. Okay, well it wasn't awesome skiing; the ease of just driving up there, renting equipment and hopping on skis for the day: that was awesome.

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Yesterday morning a friend of mine IMed me and asked if I wanted to go skiing today. At first, I didn't want to because - quite frankly - I didn't have my skis out here in California, I didn't want to drive that far, I didn't have any clothes for skiing. It just didn't seem like something I would be able to do on one day's notice.

We left Los Angeles at 5:00 a.m. and the highways were empty. The drive wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. We flew down 10 and made our way to 330. Today was the first day the main roads from LA to Big Bear were open, and we were taking full advantage of them.

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We were in Big Bear by 6:30 a.m. I borrowed ski pants, gloves and goggles for the day. I had my rental skis, poles and boots by 7 a.m. This was happening - and it was easier than I thought possible.

After spending $12.50 on the rentals and under $30 for the lift ticket (after using coupons, of course), we hit the mountain. It was 7:38 a.m. We skied for about five hours before calling it a day.

I'm glad my friend convinced me to take this day-trip because now that I know just how easy it is to find decent snow at an even better price, it'll be tough to keep me away.

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