Saturday, April 28, 2007

'Boys trade 22

When Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry, the city of Dallas watched in disbelief. When he traded away the team's best player (Herschel Walker), no one quite knew what he was doing. When he decided to build a new Cowboys Stadium, it was clear why:

He needs a new trophy room after collecting more hardware by being a risk-taking general manager.

The Cowboys traded their 22nd pick in this draft to Cleveland for the 36th pick (2nd round) and the Browns' first round pick in 2008. In the words of Borat: Very Nice!

Jones' club has needs, but they can wait 14 spots. Last season the team that calls Texas Stadium home became known as the allas Cowboys. They had no D. I think they need a compliment player opposite of the very talented DeMarcus Ware, or get the next career-Cowboys safety to line up next to Roy Williams (after all, they still haven't replaced Darren Woodson).

But this move by Jerry will help the Cowboys continue to grow. The Browns should supply Dallas with an top-10 pick in 2008. And the risk-taking GM will once again be building his team to make another championship run.

How 'Bout Them Cowboys...

...and How 'Bout That Owner, too!

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