Sunday, April 22, 2007

K-O-B-E spells MVP

It's halftime of Game 1 of the Lakers-Suns series, and I had to boot up the laptop to issue the following statement:

Kobe Bryant is the single most clutch player in the NBA - and perhaps in any sport - since Michael Jeffrey Jordan. His three-pointer to end the first half while double-teamed is showing basketball fans across the country that the Lakers don't need to play a complete game to win. As long as #24 is on, the Lake-show is fine.

I know I picked the Suns in five games, and even if Kobe lifts Los Angeles over Phoenix in this game, that pick is still alive. I just don't feel confident in that pick anymore. These teams went to Game 7 last season - after the Lakers blew a 3-1 lead.

I still think the Suns win this series. They are clearly the better team. But there's no doubt who the best player on the court is at all times. For the Suns, their game plan is simple: keep scoring and hope Kobe gets lost on the way to the arena.

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