Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hey, Beer Man!

John Daly's Maxfli golfball commercial is a beautiful drive off the tee on a long par 4. It's straight down the fairway. The wind keeps it away from the water on the right and the sand to the left. A nice roll brings it up over the fringe of the green and stops 16 feet from the cup. It's perfect. When you get to the green, you mark your ball and wait for the other guy to catch up.

Eventually, you put your ball back down. One putt later, this commercial is good for an eagle. -2. Very well-played.

Then an official comes over and says that you've incurred a two-stroke penalty for wearing an ugly shirt. The shirt is hideous, and the PGA Tour is embarrassed you're out there representing them in it. The only problem, this yahoo delivering the news of your penalty is dressed in a green and pink colored plad shirt with a white and biege checkered flap cap. You can't believe this guy is the authority! The greatness of that eagled hole is now nothing more than a "what could have been."

It's that absurd.


CBS has decided they will not air Daly's new commercial, according to an article in USA Today, because according to network spokeswoman LeslieAnne Wade, it violates network guidelines prohibiting ads "with direct, or implied, excessive consumption of alcohol," especially when the ad also "involves hazardous activity."

The real problem that CBS has is that Daly is shown in the video driving around in a golf cart, beer in hand.

This ad has apparently been airing on the Golf channel, but CBS apparently now has the moral authority to decide what gets on TV and what does not. The problem here is that the ad features Daly, who's not been shy about sharing his troubles with alcohol. Now that he's throwing a party on the golf course, CBS decided "Oh. Oh no. We certainly cannot have this. Inappropriate."

Perhaps CBS is worried that John Daly will have a wardrobe malfunction. Maybe someone from CBS Radio called the TV boys and told them Daly may start referring to the girls who drive the snack carts as "nappy-headed hoes," so the execs waited a week to see if this would affect the bottom line before pulling the commercial. Oh maybe, just maybe, it's because they have a grudge against Daly for supplying Dan Rather with a bogus report about George W. Bush's service in the Texas Air National Guard.

Ah, now it all makes sense.

The real problem is that Daly is doing nothing differently than so many others worldwide who play golf every single weekend. They sell alcohol at the course. Beers and the little bottles of Jack Daniels and Crown Royal are all available from the cute girl on the snack cart. When someone finishes a round of golf, they go to the 19th hole for a drink.

And whether you drink or not, if you've played golf, you've seen people drink while out on the course. Does that really worry you? Are they going to get so smashed that they run you over with their golf cart? Are they going to let their three wood slip out of their grip from the tee box, and the club will sail through the air and hit you in the head?

Everyone is so worried about offending someone that as a society we can't have fun anymore. That's not right.

Now maybe the problem really was the fact that Daly is seen jumping on the back of a golf cart in the ad. Now that's not cool. My daddy specifically told me NOT to do that. Only golf bags go in the back of the cart. It's an aggregious violation of course rules. (rolling my eyes)

I don't see any good golf commercials on TV, and I do watch golf every now and then. Sure Tiger Woods has a few great commercials, but he has so many endorsements that they're all starting to run together. Daly's ad is a breathe of fresh air - well, okay perhaps this breath wouldn't pass a breathalizer, but CBS still shouldn't be banning it.

In the spot, Daly sings, "Go long or go home." CBS is opting for the latter. As for Daly, I can only imagine what he's feeling after seeing his ad pulled. I feel sorry for him. I wish there was some way I could cheer him up. Hmm.


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