Thursday, April 19, 2007

NBA: Nothing But Anticipation

It's been a long 11 months. Finally, the NBA season is starting once again.

For Dallasites and Mavs fans nation-wide, the regular season has been fun to watch but nothing more. Hooray, the Mavs won the regular season. Awesome. If winning the regular season counted, the San Diego Chargers would be Super Bowl champs (and I think we all know just how likely that is).

For teams like Golden State and - well - the entire Eastern Conference, the regular season means a new opportunity. Yes the Warriors are in the playoffs, ending their postseason drought, but for the regulars (Dallas, San Antonio, Phoenix) the last 82 games have been nothing more than a means to an end.

These teams all knew they'd be in the playoffs at the top of the Western Conference (and really at the top of the league), so they just had to put up with an 82-game schedule.

Now the fun begins. The NBA playoffs begin Saturday. At that time, every question about this regular season will be answered (including "Where's Joey Crawford?"; A: at home!). Every fan across the league who asked "how much does a December win over a team like Phoenix mean?" will see if their club can duplicate the same success.

So while other team's fans are now turning their attention to the city's respective baseball team (once again, the Eastern Conference), I plan to stock up on Dr Pepper as well as chips and guacamole. I'm ready to watch. I'm ready for the postseason. And nothing short of tickets to a game will get me off my couch.

On that note, if you know someone who has tickets to Games 3 & 4 of the Mavs/Warriors first round series in Oakland, please let me know. Thanks.

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