Sunday, April 22, 2007

Now walk it off

Never in my life had I witnessed a walk-off home run. Sure I'd seen countless replays on SportsCenter of the ball blasting off the bat, soring into the night sky, and falling into a crowd of fans. The hitter rounds the bases, perhaps pumps his fist a la Kirk Gibson, and struts down the 3rd base line where he is promptly mobbed by his teammates after touching home plate.

How cool would it be to see it happen live?

Last night I got that chance. I went to Dodgers Stadium for their game versus the Pittsburg Pirates, and now I have to go back. Now I'm hooked. If there was any chance of me not spending as much time as possible at the ballpark this summer, those chances sailed out to left field along with any hopes Pittsburg had of winning the game on Russell Martin's walk-off grand slam.

As a student, now I must ask myself: study for finals? Nah, I'd rather see the final at bat.

I still can't get over the sheer greatness of the walk off grand slam. As a kid, you wear 'No Fear' t-shirts that describe this sort of situation. But no one actually does it!

I sat next to Ashley at the game, and she even mentioned A-Rod's walk off grand slam from a few days ago, saying how great it would be if something like that happened for the Dodgers. Yeah, that'd be great. It'd also be great if I could find a job for after graduation. It'd be great if the Mavericks would have held onto their 13-point lead with 6:30 left in Game 3 of the NBA Finals last year. It'd be great if Tony Romo had held onto the ball.

So, sure Ashley, it'd be great if someone hit a walk off grand slam tonight, but let's just settle for what we all know is coming. A 10th-inning one-out sacrafice fly that allows the runner on third to score.

The pitch.

The swing.


Every one of the 48,995 in attendance knew it was gone immediately. Pandemonium broke out in the left field pavilion where we were sitting. Music blared over the loud speaker. Martin rounded the bases on his first career grand slam, and the Dodgers captured a 10th-inning win, 7-3. You were right, Ashley. It would be great. And it was.

Now it'd be great if I could focus on anything else.

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Ben Wall said...

Nothing beats a walk off shot. I've been lucky enough to see 3 live. I also saw a Ken Caminiti Grand Slam to start a game back in the late 90's that might have went something like 'single quilvio veras, single tony gwynn, walk steve finley, and than bam, the fourth at bat of the game, good old Kenny slams one out... Great memories, the only thing that can ever bring me to watch baseball.

****Great game tomorrow, Vancouver at Dallas.

Both teams carry the image of traditionally not fufilling their postseason expectations, so it will be interesting to see who steps up.

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