Monday, April 30, 2007

A Golden (State) opportunity, or worldwide crisis?

Smash the glass, and pull down on the handle.

Sound the alarms and set off the sprinklers. Dallas is officially in the middle of a crisis situation. The league's best team (which I must now qualify as the league's best regular season team) is down 1-3 to the 8th seed in the Western Conference.

This is no longer a "fun series between two competitve teams." This series could shake the foundation of our society. No 1-seed has ever lost to an 8-seed in a seven-game playoff series in the NBA. If Golden State wins, the Internet will crash and computers will fail. All the cages at the zoo will open, allowing for a stampede through the streets of America's major cities. Pure water sources will face contamination. Tidal waves will surge inland, washing away any traces of society, leaving only the plains of the Midwest. Locusts will swarm. The sun will set only never to rise again. Remember what they thought Y2K might do? This would be worse. Much, much worse. If Golden State defeats the 67-win Dallas Mavericks, all civilization as we know it will simply cease to exist.

At least, maybe in Dallas.

The Warriors passed out T-shirts to their fans before Game 3 at Oracle Arena in Oakland with one simple message: WE BELIEVE. Now, basketball fans nationwide are starting to understand what they mean. Why wouldn't they believe? They're up 3-1 with two no-pressure games to close out the series. Even if the Mavs win Game 5 in Dallas, what in Games 3 and 4 make you think they can deal with that crowd up in the Bay Area?

I got into an argument of sorts (commenting back and forth on a post) discussing the Dallas fans and their loyalty when a fellow blogger, whom I always make sure to read, called out the Mavericks for turning in such a lousy playoff performance for their fans. But perhaps decades of apathetic crowds and leaving the arena early to beat traffic in Big D have caused the winds of karma to shift. She will smite the Mighty Mavs to punish their fans who only now that they are on top have flocked to the AAC for each game.

Dallas is in trouble. Dirk is M.I.A. (and I don't think it's a coincidence that MIA is also the code for the team that won four consecutive games in last year's finals to take the title from a Dallas team that was 6:30 away from a 3-0 series lead).

For Dallas, its options are clear:
  • Copy the heroics of the Phoenix Suns come-from-behind series win over the Lakers last season; or...
  • Become one of the more laughable statistics in NBA postseason history.

Choose wisely, Mavericks. The fate of the world rests in your hands.

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Vegas Dave said...

Thanks for the plug.

End of the world huh? At least you aren't over-dramatic :)

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