Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tori uncorked

Twins outfielder Tori Hunter was feeling bubbly when he sent the Kansas City Royals four bottles of Dom Perignon last fall. The blue bottom-feeders of the AL Central swept the Detroit Tigers, allowing Hunter's Twins to win the division. The only problem is the gift - even though it was nothing more than a joke from the playful all-star - violated Major League Baseball's tampering rules, calling for a minimum three-year suspension.

This problem went unnoticed, and the champagne went unopened. Heck, the Royals had no reason to open the champagne. Lucky Tori. Had the KC Super Stars popped those corks, thus accepting the gifts, the Twins would be Hunting for a new outfielder. Minnesota asked the Royals to return the Dom, clearing Hunter of any wrongdoing.

This whole thing seemed to blow without any actual repercussions. Essentially this story is one giant "whoa, that coulda been bad!" but the thing I find most funny is the fact that the Royals went eight months without opening the champagne. I guess I'm not surprised though. They haven't had a reason to open champagne since the 1980s.


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