Friday, April 06, 2007

Out to the ballgame

Play ball!

Baseball season is underway. Out here in the Southland, the Angels opened their season hosting my Texas Rangers. So, what the heck, I bought four tickets, invited some friends and went out to the ball game.

It's amazing how just one afternoon at the ball park can make you remember just how much fun the game of baseball truly is.

I've never been a huge baseball fan. Perhaps that's because my hometown Rangers have never been a huge team. But the game faded for me over the years. I stopped playing in middle school, and stopped watching during high school. Sure, I'll watch the playoffs, but that's just because I love sports, not because I love baseball.

Here I am in left field at Angels Stadium (upset at myself because I forgot my Texas flag to cheer on my home team - not the home team) as the teams take the field. It's an afternoon game with light crowd allowing my friends and me to put our feet up on the seats in front of us.

I sat there layin' back, eating peanuts and enjoying the afternoon. Sure the Angels beat down the Rangers, who started this season 0-3, but that didn't seem to matter. with 159 games left, nothing has been decided yet. Not even close.

That's the beauty of baseball. The relaxed environment. The ability to soak it all in and enjoy your time at the ballpark regardless of the outcome. It's just one out of 162, so there's no need to get frantic about it.

So kick back, relax and enjoy your summer. There's a lot of baseball left to be played and just as much time to enjoy it.


Robert said...

i loved your and i,too,love baseball
1 2 3

Josh said...

gee thanks mom. good to know you do in fact love your son. but riddle me this, mother... who's the favorite? hehe

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